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Here are some Views from Serenity Hill Cabin. Most of these pictures were taken by me. I'm not a photographer (in case you hadn't noticed). Someday, I'll buy a real camera and learn how to shoot. Until then, you'll just have to imagine how these views really look...or go to Serenity Hill Cabin yourself and check 'em out! (Scroll further down the page for pictures of the cabin and also some of our favorite sunsets!)

Some of these pictures were taken by our friend -- professional photographer Dave Malik. They will be identified in the description under the individual picture title. (Dave also takes wedding pictures and he loves the Smoky Mountains. He would be more than happy to snap your wedding in the Smokies if you let him crash on the couch for a couple of nights. He'll be out shooting at daybreak and won't come home till dark. You'll hardly notice he's there!)

(Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture)


Sunrise in the East


Pictures of the Cabin and Dock


Some of our Favorite Sunsets.


Quiet, Peaceful Sunset on the Lake

There's very little boat traffic around here. Our little lake back home in Indiana would be nuts on a night like this.


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